Excellent show! I’m very impressed.
Dave Virgilio, Owner – RadiocastFM

Appreciate all the hard work on your show!
Dave Post, Business Manager – WXHR 103.5 FM

I love the show, it fits our station perfect!
Matthew Boyd, Program Director, Switch 95.9 FM Roma & Radio Daddyo 87.8

Your show was awesome! I enjoyed all of it. I wanna be like you when I grow up lol. Chris Cataldo, Station Owner, HeatFM NY

Awesome job Bobby Golomboski Hey what’s up RI stations somebody pick up this local talent and and play the ICEMAN’s 150 show! Alfred, Rhode Island

Thanks so much! I’ve been waiting for this. Loving the 70s and 80s show. Chris Rogers, Owner, Rockin WAVES 11294 Radio Network, Georgia

Keep up the good work!!!👏
Chasitie, Texas

Crazy amazing!! Love what you are doing Jeff, Ohio

Excellent work Bobby Golomboski
Gary, New Hampshire

This is so awesome! I am so happy and proud for you! I love your show!! 💜❤️💜
Sonja, Texas

Wanna hear Fred, the Teacher-eating Venus Fly Trap! Lol
Robb Stewart, Music Director, Super Radio USA

I love this era rock, too! Congrats on all of the success with the Iceman’s 150 Show! Joyce, North Carolina

Annette, New Mexico

I’m very happy for you…and your audience thanks you. It’s long overdue. Thanks for having the vision. 💓
Angie, Indiana

Vic, Mississippi

Nice job Iceman! Continued success to you!!
James, California